German Dictionary

Translation of Scherbe

die Scherbe the shard    ; the sherd    ; the fragment    

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Sample sentences:
Die Scherbe steckte tief in Mitzis Pfote fest.

The shard was stuck deep in Mitzi's paw.

I arrived there but could not find a hotel immediately, so that I took my luggage with me. I know that this is very provocative to thiefs. One should not walk on the street with a big backpack.
I would like to mention the conflict on the balkan, which has been going on for centuries. Both fought for religion and for land. During the fighting the hatred grew and stereotypes were built.
On our last day we went to visit Stanley, a small town on Honk Kong island, actually on the other side of the mountain. The ride to the town was nice but the town itself was nothing special.
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