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Translation of Schienbein

das Schienbein the shin    

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Sample sentences:
Als wir in den Flur kamen, trat Marcus mich ins Schienbein.

When we got to the hallway, Marcus kicked me in the shin.
Schienbein tibia; shin
Schienbein shinbone
Schienbein shin

Robert wants to tell us not only about nature and its secrets but also about the ability of the human being to recognize what happens around us. We see only the nice side if we just read and do not analyze.
But we need to asked ourselves why we actually are built in such a way that we so easily dislike others and build stereotypes. What leads to such behavior even in well educated individuals?
You cannot be in this city without watching a football game. We therefore bought tickets two days ahead in order to see the soccer game between Bocca Juniors and Newell's Old Boys from Rosario.
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