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Translation of Schlafenszeit

die Schlafenszeit the bedtime    

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Sample sentences:
Wenn ihre Schlafenszeit kam, wollte sie immer die Geschichte vom Ochsen hören.

When her bedtime came, she always wanted to hear the story about the ox.

I try to learn English as much as possible so that I can travel next year to the United States. I would agree to your proposal but I also need to find good teachers. My goal is quality and speed.
Now I'm drinking a beer with a colleague. We will shoot a film about the bar scene and the situation of young people here in Ibiza. There are also other aspects to live here, besides tourism.
I guess the whole idea is about improvement, correct? How are you these days anyway. Since I want to practice a bit, I decided to join here. I'll be happy to start with you. Let us try it.
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