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Translation of schlagkräftig

schlagkräftig punchy    

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Sample sentences:
Die Verkaufsmannschaft ist eine schlagkräftige Truppe.

The sales force is a punchy troop.

Mike, you are very welcome, and thanks for cheering me up. The one thing about the advertisement section on top of the main page is quite right. The difference between your dress and her dress is very difficult to detect, there is only a little change in color.
This afternoon I will fly to Chile. My two brothers and sisters live there. They are also very old and my brother has already died. My parents emigrated 30 years ago, but they wanted to stay.
Nevertheless, I was looking forward to the flight. Thirteen hours in the air has something exciting in itself. You can watch movies, sleep, read newspapers and rest. Normally, we always under stress.
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