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Translation of Schlinge

die Schlinge the sling    
die Schlinge the mesh    ; the noose    

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Sample sentences:
Der Henker legte die Schlinge um den Hals des Gauners.

The executioner put the noose around the crook's neck.
Der Henker zog die Schlinge zu. The hangman tightened the noose.

I arrived there but could not find a hotel immediately, so that I took my luggage with me. I know that this is very provocative to thiefs. One should not walk on the street with a big backpack.
Moreover, even if we know a lot about a certain culture, we will never be able to understand it in the same way and with the same depth as they do, since we have a very different point of view.
It was a good way of starting the trip. A ferry ride across the beautiful water, a beer in one hand and the unknown adventure lying ahead. I had to look for a place to sleep and checked a few hostels.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of sling   [ slung, slung ]