German Dictionary

Translation of Schlüsselkarte

die Schlüsselkarte the keycard    

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Sample sentences:
Er hatte seine Schlüsselkarte vergessen und ging zurück in die Lobby.

He had forgotten his keycard and went back to the lobby.

About ten hours later we landed in Bangkok, with the calculated time difference it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. I asked at the information desk how I could get to the domestic terminal.
But now the other department of the same company made an update to their policy and it seems that they punish all agents that give away too many fliers at once. I will probably have a few corrections to make and I hope that income recovers soon.
I think it is better to send an e-mail. Unfortunately, I have not received any response from you. I have answered your last letter a month ago. I would like to correct your mistakes.
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