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Translation of Schmuckstück

das Schmuckstück the trinket    ; the piece of jewellery; the piece of jewelry

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Sample sentences:
Mein Armband mit weißen und schwarzen Perlen ist ein sehr wertvolles Schmuckstück.

My bracelet with black and white pearls is a very precious piece of jewellery.

My boss offered it to me, so that a few more people at work will have a good level of English and now I really have to kick my own ass (I've started last year and it's not going very well).
The fact that James is active in many industries in Colorado, does not mean that the same must apply abroad, let's say in Spain. This fact complicates the ability to learn English in everyday life.
I need to learn a lot of Spanish because I want to study at the university of Madrid. In Switzerland, I studied law, but after 2 years I have switched to medicine: to help people, rather than you know....
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