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Translation of schmücken

schmücken to adorn    ; to decorate    

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Sample sentences:
Er hatte das Ross auf eine sehr künstlerische Art geschmückt.

The way he had decorated the steed was very artistic.
Der Eingang war mit Myrthezweigen geschmückt. The entrance was adorned with myrtle branches.
Der Park war für das Fest mit Girlanden geschmückt. The park was decorated with garlands for the festival.

Hi Christin, how are you? I am on vacation right now, but you can call me if there are any problems. I am planning to meet my students in the end of next week. I will deliver the message anyway.
The tour started soon and we first visited the ruins nearby, which was a ten minutes drive. A tour guide introduced us to each and every pyramid and told us stories about practically every stone.
She was a very cute twenty six year old woman from the area, had a perfect English and could be understood well. She told us to put on good shoes and we started walking towards the valley.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of schmücken
schmücke  schmückst  schmückt  schmücken  schmückt  schmücken  schmückte  schmücktest  schmückte  schmückten  schmücktet  schmückten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of adorn   [ adorned, adorned ]
Conjugation of decorate   [ decorated, decorated ]