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Translation of schnaufen

schnaufen to wheeze    

Translation by Vocabulix


schnaufen; nach Luft schnappen; keuchen to gasp
prusten; schnauben; schnaufen snort
schnaufen, keuchen to puff

Do you think it would be good to put a regional box near each translation [optional of course]? That means a translator can check countries if it is only used there. Regional differences appear in all languages.
True, I forgot the 'I' when I have copied and pasted the entire text field. I assume it is the regular form, isn't it? However, the formal form in Spain is a little different to what we are using in Mexico.
Absolutely no problem, do you speak English? I'll help you to learn it and you will like it. Your English is really very good, I understand all your lyrics, and please accept my friends request.
Do you know the meaning of? scheuen    ruhen    regieren    psychotisch    plündern    parfümiert    notwendigerweise    nativ    mulchen    meliert