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Translation of Schneedecke

die Schneedecke the blanket of snow

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There is a small misunderstanding about the homework. I can do them, but they will be too confusing? I am trying to find the article from where I took the sentences in order to ease the task for all students.
It is very different from bars and discos and nightlife. So it has also advantages, however the quantity and the quality of information circulating in the social networks worries me a little. A lot of it is garbage.
Actually, the East Coast is six hours behind CET, that means that I would speak on midnight at your 6 o'clock dinner. We should try written exercise first because of the huge time difference.
Do you know the meaning of? Schlapphut    Schablone    Sackhüpfen    Ruhe    Rinderhack    Rennrodeln    Regelung    Ratschlag    Querstraße