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Translation of schneller

schneller  faster     
schneller faster    ; quicker    

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Sample sentences:
Das Hochwasser kam schneller als erwartet und überflutete das ganze Haus.

The flood came faster than expected and flooded the entire house.
Eine Schnecke mit Entschlossenheit kann schneller als eine Schildkröte sein. A snail with determination can be faster than a turtle.
Meine Oma ist achtzig und schreibt SMS schneller als ich. My grandma is eighty but writes SMS faster than I do.
schneller werden pick up speed
schneller, rascher quicker
schneller als faster than
schneller als faster then
schneller faster than
schneller sneller

A word might have one meaning in Mexico, and a totally other meaning in Columbia or in Venezuela. Let me check the words that are already translated before doing anything. I will try to add the other points tomorrow.
True, I forgot the 'I' when I have copied and pasted the entire text field. I assume it is the regular form, isn't it? However, the formal form in Spain is a little different to what we are using in Mexico.
This is a fantastic idea, I am learning German just since last year. I speak, write and read well, and I will improve soon. This site, Vocabulix, I'm visiting often and I am mostly online.
Do you know the meaning of? schiefstellen    rumänisch    regulär    pusten    polizeilich    partizipativ    nutzbar    nebenbei bemerkt    muskulös    messbar