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Translation of Schnittlauch

der Schnittlauch the chive    ; the chives    

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Sample sentences:
Sie tat das Schnittlauch in ein Sieb und wusch es.

She put the chives in a sieve and washed them.
Schnittlauch chives

The mothers of my girlfriends were so insulted when I never wanted to eat their food. I mean, in the beginning they liked me, but once the saw my eating habits everything changed. I guess I blew it.
We are currently processing the information that you gave us and I will get back to you in the middle of next week. If there are other Spanish language study materials we are always happy to get them.
We spent the entire day doing nothing, just waiting for the night train which would take us into the northern mountain area of Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. The train left at around ten.
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