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Translation of Schuld

die Schuld  the blame     
die Schuld the debt    ; the fault    ; the guilt    

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Sample sentences:
Die Bibel half ihm, wenn er sich mit den Themen Schuld und Reue beschäftigte.

The Bible assisted him when he dealt with issues of guilt and repentance.
Mark sagte es wäre ihre Schuld und verdammte ihren Unwillen, es zuzugeben. Mark said it was their fault and damned their unwillingness to admit it.
noun von liable; Haftbarkeit; Schuld liability
von Schuld heimgesucht ridden by guilt
Schuld; Schuldgefühl guilt

I spoke to Juliette and she told me to organize the meeting with Jimmy and Rick. I would like to know the time and place of our meeting (on Monday). Looking forward to meet you all. Bye soon.
They are actually lovely hills and do not look threatening at all. That shows us that she actually loves her pregnancy and does not know what to do about it. One can really pitty this woman.
We entered the vessel from behind and went to take a shower. I remembered why I am not a big supporter of long boat rides: One every room and facility is small and second you move all the time.
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Conjugation of blame   [ blamed, blamed ]