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Translation of Schulfreund

der Schulfreund the class-mate    ; the college friend

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Prüfung; Schulfreund(in) examination; schoolfriend
Schulfreund(in); Freundin schoolfriend; girlfriend
Schulfreund (in) schoolfriend
Schulfreund(in) schoolfirend
Schulfreund (in) schoolmate
Schulfreund(in) schoolmate

There is a small misunderstanding about the homework. I can do them, but they will be too confusing? I am trying to find the article from where I took the sentences in order to ease the task for all students.
Yes, my Spanish is much better than your German, but it is not true that I do not want to learn with you. I think this is not an issue. Where do you come from in the U.S.? East or West coast?
I am planning to work at the moment for the next 3-4 months, but I will accept another project and I will work during the holidays. Therefore, I want to offer you to stay in touch all the time.
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