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Translation of Schwergewicht

das Schwergewicht the heavyweight    

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Sample sentences:
Vater Lieblingsboxer war ein Schwergewicht namens Baskov.

Father's favorite boxer was a heavyweight called Baskov.

Luckily it didn't happen to me, my kids really grew up with us all the time. And besides, they are not allowed do that, because they are monitored endlessly. If they don't attend class they could find themselves on the next train going home.
We have met over 20 years ago during our holidays. We live in Florida and are working both for a computer company. I fly several times a month. I wish you another beautiful Sunday afternoon!
Why did you sit on the box? You obviously did not know that there were presents inside. Now, seriously, do you have a backup plan? We must buy new gifts if we want to go to the party.?
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