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Translation of Schwule

der Schwule the faggot [vulg]; the queer [vulg]; the gay    ; the fag [vulg]

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A proposal for our further cooperation: I will translate your texts in English and you translate my letters into Spanish. I will focus on spelling and grammar, and I will correct your sentence structure.
My name is Wolfgang, and I am interested to build my Spanish vocabulary. Maybe we can practice together. How long have you learned Spanish? I have been learning for a few years with books.
I will be doing my second year of studies abroad, probably in Panama. For that I will really want to learn Spanish. I know little about the Spanish language, but I will learn. I can help you with German.
Do you know the meaning of? Schulzeugnis    Schoner    Schlägel    Schimmer    Scharlach    Sand    Rückenmark    Rollstuhl    Retter    Reisebus