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Translation of segnen

segnen to bless    

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Sample sentences:
Der Priester segnet das Baby während der Taufzeremonie.

The priest is blessing the baby during the during the baptism ceremony.
Der Bischof segnete das Paar und sprach ein Gebet. The bishop blessed the couple and said a prayer.
segnen to bless
segnen bless

The reason for this behavior may be a reflection of the geographical and geological structure of the state: A lot of high mountains and valleys prevent easy travelling to the neighbors surrounding it.
The tour started soon and we first visited the ruins nearby, which was a ten minutes drive. A tour guide introduced us to each and every pyramid and told us stories about practically every stone.
Swimming in the open water was refreshing and fun and some of us jumped of the roof of the boat into the deep waters. After another snack break the four of us were invited for a Kayak excursion.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of segnen
segne  segnest  segnet  segnen  segnet  segnen  segnete  segnetest  segnete  segneten  segnetet  segneten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of bless   [ blessed, blessed ]