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Translation of Sicherung

die Sicherung the fuse    

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Sample sentences:
Die Sicherung brannte durch, und wir saßen im Dunkeln.

The fuse blew, and we sat in the dark.
Sicherung fuse

We can recognize the facts and how they are. So we might observe a lot of things but we will never understand, we will never know why the flower is red, what brought the little aninal to that height.
They wanted to know everything about relationships in Switzerland. One of the asked me of how guys propose friendships to girls. I did not know what she meant and explained that we were very informal.
In order to get to this hidden lake one would have to row beneath a cave. On the other side of the cave the five of us were alone. The lake was surrounded by limestone mountains covered with tropical trees.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of fuse   [ fused, fused ]