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Translation of Sichtbarkeit

die Sichtbarkeit the visibility    

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Sample sentences:
Die Sichtbarkeit war durch den Nebel sehr beeinträchtigt und der Pilot entschied sich das Flugzeug an einem andern Flughafen zu landen.

The visibility was hindered by the fog so the pilot decided to land the plane at another airport.
Die Kriterien für das Packungsdesign waren Sichtbarkeit, Innovation und Produktangemessenheit. The criteria used for the package design were visibility, novelty, and product suitability.
Sicht, Sichtbarkeit visibility
Sichtbarkeit visibility

Only an independent observer would be able to judge nature, for example God. In this poem the independent power is the witch who cooks her soup of nature, she knows what ingredients she needs to add.
They wanted to know everything about relationships in Switzerland. One of the asked me of how guys propose friendships to girls. I did not know what she meant and explained that we were very informal.
Swimming in the open water was refreshing and fun and some of us jumped of the roof of the boat into the deep waters. After another snack break the four of us were invited for a Kayak excursion.
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