German Dictionary

Translation of siebenhunderteins

siebenhunderteins seven hundred one

Translation by Vocabulix


Grammar exercises give the teachers and the students different ideas. We discussed the need for exercises in my previous email, but unfortunately I did not receive any further feedback since then.
Therefore we use only the Vocabulix dictionary in our class. It has good features and a large vocabulary base. I will have to send you a few sentences for rewriting if that is OK with you, because the whole is mixed up.
Now I am learning by other means, such as reading and writing. I can not begin with conjugation training because I lack the basic knowledge. How are you learning at this site and which is your best lesson?
Do you know the meaning of? seither    schwanger    schlimmste    sandfarben    retuschieren    rational    probieren    pflücken    ohrenbetäubend    neurotisch