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Translation of sofortig

sofortig immediate    

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sofortig; umgehend immediate; immediate
umgehend, sofortig immediate

No image that each sentence takes so long and multiply it by twentyfour sentences which I had just written you in our last communication. That makes a total of three hundred sixty minutes.
Sounds great. Sorry, it took me a while to get back to you. Did you book the Helmhaus (which Monica suggested) or the Seidenhof (which I gave her in the end)? Will make sure, they give you good rooms...
We have cut the description though, since it was too long. However, we would like to change the description again, by adding a geographic spot in it or telling the user that it is E-learning.
Do you know the meaning of? sich bewegen    schätzen    schneidig    schicksalhaft    ruinieren    regnen    pumpen    polemisch    parlieren    nun