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Translation of Spielzeug

das Spielzeug  the toy     

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Sample sentences:
Susan bezweifelte, dass die Zerstörung von Victors Spielzeug absichtlich geschehen war.

Susan doubted that the destruction of Victor's toy had been willful.
Spielzeug-Bauernhof farm set
Spielzeug, Spielsachen toy
ein Spielzeug a toy
Spielzeug toys

The image seems so peaceful, calm and untouched. On the contrary, the topic is about death, brutality and the confrontation (the fight) between strong and week, between the spide and the moth.
That is how he forces her into deciding between him and the baby. There is no escape from this dilema. The train that was supposed to arrive did not come yet and it does not look like it will come.
Police cars drove around the town and called all citizens and tourists to leave the island immediately. I was told, that the hurricane which was supposed to go over Cuba was on the way to us.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of toy   [ toyed, toyed ]