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Translation of Spracherwerb

der Spracherwerb the language acquisition

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Spracherwerb language acquisition

There is a small misunderstanding about the homework. I can do them, but they will be too confusing? I am trying to find the article from where I took the sentences in order to ease the task for all students.
Sorry if I did not write back, I was in Napoli during the holidays, then back at work, once again I have so much to do at the weekend, but I will do my best. Greetings from Italy. Marco.
I want to apologize to you for my late response. It was important for me to meet first with Mr. Kaufler in Zurich and to discuss the situation between the two companies. Now I know more.
Do you know the meaning of? Speicher    Sommerloch    Singular    Selen    Schöpfkelle    Schwaden    Schrecken    Schmied    Schlaflosigkeit    Schaufel