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Translation of Stammbaum

der Stammbaum the family tree; the pedigree    

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Stammbaum (der Familie) family tree

In addition she is enjoying her studies very much. Work is fine! I'm in a learning phase and I have started my initial plans quickly. Two hours ago, I watched the Grand slam final of the US open!
I would like to mention the conflict on the balkan, which has been going on for centuries. Both fought for religion and for land. During the fighting the hatred grew and stereotypes were built.
We left and went back to the boat which took us back to the big vessel. We started our journey back to the main land. It was already late and from the main land, it was still a four hour drive back.
Do you know the meaning of? Seehund    Schachtel    Rakete    Patenkind    Mandel    Kunst    Kinderheim    Idee    Hand