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Translation of Stichwort

das Stichwort the keyword    

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Sample sentences:
Auf das Stichwort hin begann das Abendprogramm, und die Menge gröhlte.

On cue, the evening entertainment started, and the crowd roared.
ein Stichwort verpassen to miss one's cue
Stichwort; Schlüsselwort keyword
stichwort,anregung prompt
Stichwort prompt; keyword
Hinweis, Stichwort prompt
Hinweis; Stichwort cue

A word might have one meaning in Mexico, and a totally other meaning in Columbia or in Venezuela. Let me check the words that are already translated before doing anything. I will try to add the other points tomorrow.
We have learned that some tenses, such as Present Tense are easier and not as complex as others. Is that right? In my opinion, tenses in English are much easier than in the Spanish language.
Of course I understand the reasons. I live in Thun, which is not far from Bern, our capital city. How come your Spanish is so good? Have you ever been to Switzerland. You are most welcome.
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