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Translation of Stöpsel

der Stöpsel the cork    ; the plug    

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Stecker, Stöpsel plug
Stecker,Stöpsel plug
der Stöpsel stopper

Grammar exercises give the teachers and the students different ideas. We discussed the need for exercises in my previous email, but unfortunately I did not receive any further feedback since then.
I will be here for another 3 hours, then about 2 hours offline and then again online until late. So the exception is in Spain, cause formal is usually vos/ustedes even when we speak to 1 person. They also jump to the third person singular.
Many thanks for the nice emails. I visit this site on the Internet all the time, but I have not visited your blogs. Your country is certainly an interesting country and it has mountains and snow.
Do you know the meaning of? Straßenbild    Sternzeichen    Stagnation    Spitzhacke    Sparkonto    Softball    Signal    Sektion    Schulzeugnis   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of plug   [ plugged, plugged ]