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Translation of Streifen

der Streifen  the stripe     
der Streifen the stripe    ; the strip    ; the band    ; the film    ; the streak    ; the tape    

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Sample sentences:
Der rötliche Streifen rund um das Bild sieht richtig gut aus.

The reddish stripe of paint around the picture looks really good.
Wir werden einen reflektierenden Streifen auf die Seite des Wohnwagens kleben. We will stick a reflective tape along the side of the caravan.
Die Markise hatte rote und weiße Streifen. The awning had red and white stripes.
streifen; überfliegen (Text) to skim
der Streifen the stripe(s)
Streifen (Singular) stripe

The human is capable of recognition of the world with its ingredients. Frost presents us with a poem in which everything is white and bright. The picture he gives us seems to be very peaceful.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of film   [ filmed, filmed ]
Conjugation of strip   [ stripped, stripped ]