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Translation of Strömung

die Strömung the current    ; the flow    ; the stream    ; the streaming    ; the drift    

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If I see that the case study does not progress as I wish, I will summarize the data myself and let the University sign it. Of course, you will receive the study immediately. All the best meanwhile.
Until now I have tried the copy the mode of operation of Mike in class. Even the homework that they gave us do not match the exercise that we tried yesterday. I could not fulfill this task anyway.
I play the flute, but in recent years, I had no time. My granddaughter will give birth in 2 weeks and I will be great-grandmother. But I am only 70 years old. I hope that does not scare you.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of drift   [ drifted, drifted ]
Conjugation of flow   [ flowed, flowed ]