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das Suchwort the search term

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In addition, may i know whether you are using external resources to translate? It is very important not to copy words from other dictionaries. Better to take just the best two translations for a certain word and not all translations.
In South American we speak normal Spanish, but sometimes it sounds like music and not as you are used to it from the school books and video tutorials from the language schools that you have learned in Guatemala.
I can already speak a little English but not too well. So I'm more cautious about making mistakes. I want to improve my English, because it is also good for your confidence and communication skills.
Do you know the meaning of? Streitaxt    Stiefkind    Standhaftigkeit    Sprachrohr    Speicherplatz    Sommersprosse    Singvogel    Sellerie    Schüler    Schwalbe