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Südkorea South Korea

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Do you think it would be good to put a regional box near each translation [optional of course]? That means a translator can check countries if it is only used there. Regional differences appear in all languages.
The institute has conducted the tests successfully and submitted the reports. It also what Peter has mentioned. It could take a few months until the publication. Please wait patiently.
My daughter lives in London and she is divorced and works as a gynecologist. She has no children. My son is married to a Spanish lady, so I want to learn Spanish. Let us help one another.
Do you know the meaning of? Subjunktion    Strecke    Steuerparadies    Stamm    Sportler    Spaziergänger    Solarenergie    Silhouette    Selbstmord    Schädlingsbekämpfung