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Translation of Tankwart

der Tankwart the gas station attendant

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Tankwart; Tankwartin pertrol attendant
Tankwart gas/ petrol attendant
Tankwart/in petrol attendant

It all depends on the language that you want to learn. For German it would be best to go to Berlin, as the pronunciation is classic there. Imagine going to Switzerland where they speak a different language.
I will be here for another 3 hours, then about 2 hours offline and then again online until late. So the exception is in Spain, cause formal is usually vos/ustedes even when we speak to 1 person. They also jump to the third person singular.
I can already speak a little English but not too well. So I'm more cautious about making mistakes. I want to improve my English, because it is also good for your confidence and communication skills.
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