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Translation of Tarif

der Tarif the rate    ; the scale    ; the tariff    

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A proposal for our further cooperation: I will translate your texts in English and you translate my letters into Spanish. I will focus on spelling and grammar, and I will correct your sentence structure.
Yes, my Spanish is much better than your German, but it is not true that I do not want to learn with you. I think this is not an issue. Where do you come from in the U.S.? East or West coast?
Do you speak three languages? Wow? I'm sorry that I am writing to you just now but I have a lot on my mind at the moment. My daughter had a cold and the nanny, too. I needed to stay home.
Newly added translation: Szenario    Sturmgewehr    Strandpromenade    Sterblichkeit    Stadtmitte    Spion    Spange    Smoking    Sicht    Sein   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of rate   [ rated, rated ]
Conjugation of scale   [ scaled, scaled ]