German Dictionary

Translation of Teedose

die Teedose the caddy    

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Sample sentences:
Er schenkte ihr eine hübsche Teedose mit handgemachten Bonbons.

He gave her a beautiful caddy with home made candy in it.

I try to learn English as much as possible so that I can travel next year to the United States. I would agree to your proposal but I also need to find good teachers. My goal is quality and speed.
But now the other department of the same company made an update to their policy and it seems that they punish all agents that give away too many fliers at once. I will probably have a few corrections to make and I hope that income recovers soon.
In school, we now are learning the grammar part, more specifically, the participles and so on. I understand it at all, but the conjugations, boy they are tough. A lot of patience is needed.
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