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Translation of Travestie

die Travestie the travesty    

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Sample sentences:
Gregor sagte, die letzten Wahlen in Russland seien eine Travestie der Demokratie gewesen.

Gregor said the last elections in Russia had been a travesty of democracy.

My brother moved there last year. He met a woman and went after her. After six years they have broken up, but he no longer wanted to return, because he has settled down in his new home. I am visiting him once a year.
But now the other department of the same company made an update to their policy and it seems that they punish all agents that give away too many fliers at once. I will probably have a few corrections to make and I hope that income recovers soon.
Now I am learning by other means, such as reading and writing. I can not begin with conjugation training because I lack the basic knowledge. How are you learning at this site and which is your best lesson?
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