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Translation of Tripper

der Tripper the gonorrhea    

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Sample sentences:
Früher wurden Untreue oft mit Tripper bestraft.

In the old days the unfaithful were often punished with gonorrhea.

Well, I must say that your picture makes me want to be in Los Angeles and California where I was raised. But I thought that your place was overlooking the Rodeo Drive and the city center.
I met the company last autumn, because the site's traffic is getting pretty big and they invited me to a workshop. They have convinced me that I have to put their logo at the top of the page to maximize exposure and this was a big mistake.
Today it is Sunday and I am very lazy. My daughter is 5 years old and she still needs her mother. So be ready, even if you are outside! I'm a sleepy! Could you do this?
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