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Translation of Trophäe

die Trophäe the trophy    

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Sample sentences:
Unser Judoteam brachte stolz drei Trophäen mit nach Exeter zurück.

Our judo team proudly brought three trophies home to Exeter.
Trophäe trophy

Yesterday, I heard a very good example to explain my point: On their journey more than ten years ago, the presidential couple Mr. and Mrs. Clinton visited Egypt. They were welcomed by the president.
I told her that when you meet a person and you like that person you start dating him/her. After a while, if the couple stays together they go to the next step and move together or get married.
Usually we were not that picky, but we intended to stay in Buenos Aires for almost 10 days. On the first day we walked around the city center and did some shopping in the Florida passage.
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