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Translation of überholen

überholen to outdistance    ; to overhaul    ; to outrun    ; to overtake    

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Sample sentences:
Das Motorrad versuchte den Lastwagen auf der Überholspur zu überholen und wurde durch einen entgegenkommenden Wagen getroffen.

The motorcycle was trying to pass the truck in the fast lane and got hit by an approaching car.

If you want to learn, you need milestones, so that you can plan your learning curve. Together, we will decide on 3-4 days, where we will study intensely. Perhaps your German will get a little bit better by then.
That's very courageous that you have met a man and followed him to another country. If it's true love it is something you must sometimes risk. I have much respect for such decisions.
Why do I never travel? This is a very good question, but I do not know how to answer it: On one hand, I like the landscape, but on the other hand it annoys me to pack and to drive or fly.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of overtake   [ overtook, overtaken ]