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Translation of überwiegend

überwiegend predominant    

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hauptsächlich; größtenteils; vorwiegend, überwiegend mainly
weitgehend; grossenteils; überwiegend largely; largely; largely
überwiegend; vorwiegend; prädominant predominantly
überwiegend; zum großen Teil largely
überwiegend prevalent

I.E. stands for 'in example', and the translation of it is 'por ejemplo'. Is there a difference between this term in Latin American or South American Spanish? How would you say the same sentence in Central America?
I usually do not travel, and if I do, then only to England, when I visit my parents who live in a suburb of London. I can not afford to travel too much, because it is a very large expense.
I will be doing my second year of studies abroad, probably in Panama. For that I will really want to learn Spanish. I know little about the Spanish language, but I will learn. I can help you with German.
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