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Translation of überziehen

überziehen to cover    ; to coat    

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sein visum überziehen to overstay one's visa
etw. überziehen to sheathe sth.; sheathe sth.
ein Konto überziehen overdraw an account
zeitlich überziehen run over time
sein Konto überziehen to overdraw
überziehen (Konto) to overdraft
(Konto) überziehen to overdraw
überziehen (Konto) to overdraw
beziehen; überziehen to cover
konto überziehen to overdraw
überziehen mit cover with

I.E. stands for 'in example', and the translation of it is 'por ejemplo'. Is there a difference between this term in Latin American or South American Spanish? How would you say the same sentence in Central America?
In the attachment you will find the reviewed documents. Your Portuguese is quite good. I understood everything. If you write the same text in German, I can know what you wanted to say.
Many thanks for the corrections. Exactly what I needed to be happy. I want to learn French because it's a great language and because it sound so romantic to me. There is a lot more to improve.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of coat   [ coated, coated ]
Conjugation of cover   [ covered, covered ]