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Translation of unabhängig

unabhängig  independent     

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Sample sentences:
Indien wurde erst im letzten Jahrhundert von Großbritannien unabhängig.

India became independent from Great Britain only in the last century.
unabhängig von independent of; independant from
unabhängig; selbstgenügsam self-sufficient
unabhängig (von) independent; (of/from)
ungeachtet; unabhängig von irrespective
unabhängig(von) independent (of/from)
unabhängig (von) independant (of)

They played a lot of music (very old fashioned music) and sold apples, cookies, cakes and many drinks. Having enjoyed the apple festival we went for a walk outside the village, meaning the woods.
The problem is that we are planning day by day and in our region (Maine, New Hampshire...) most hotels are 'by request' and not by 'space available'. I could do it but I would need to do the follow up.
After the bar we sailed back with the ferry to the other side, the side of the financial district, because there were some Halloween parties in the different bars at the Lan Kwai Fong street.
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