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Translation of undurchdringlich

undurchdringlich impenetrable    

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In May I'll be able to show the machine at an exhibition in the university. In addition, we can show it to all these university partner laboratories in the U.S., which are led by people who live here.
The easiest way of writing sentences in Spanish and English is to communicate with other people by email or by chat. I found the different time forms quite in Spanish very confusing at the beginning and it was the most difficult part.
For my future job it is important to speak English and to be able to write it. What are you studying at university? If you are not very busy, I'd be very happy if you write me.
Newly added translation: umgestalten    tosend    sympathisch    sterblich    speichern    sieben    seismologisch    schwachsinnig    schließlich    salzig