German Dictionary

Translation of ungebildet

ungebildet illiterate    ; uneducated    

Translation by Vocabulix


ungebildet; Analphabet illiterate
unwissend/ungebildet ignorant

I left the smaller regions out. Do you think they are important? There are some terms that are specifically used in Ecuador. Let's leave it as it is now. Time will show us within a few days if we need them all or not.
The fact that I have received many emails from students in order to make Vocabulix known is a personal success for me. But I think that a new website with many pages would be better for future uses.
When I wanted to do my homework, I accidentally landed on Vocabulix and it caught me right from the beginning. Connecting with other users can be brilliant. Skyping with them, chatting and messaging. Great idea.
Newly added translation: unabwendbar    trocken    tapfer    strapaziös    spulen    slowakisch    seufzen    schwängern    schnallen    scheitern