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Translation of ungemütlich

ungemütlich uncomfortable    

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Sample sentences:
Ihr Ex sah ungemütlich aus, und ich ging ihm normalerweise aus dem Weg.

Her ex looked tough, and I usually kept my distance.
unangenehm, ungemütlich uncomfortable
ungemütlich uncomfortable

I left the smaller regions out. Do you think they are important? There are some terms that are specifically used in Ecuador. Let's leave it as it is now. Time will show us within a few days if we need them all or not.
To grow from there was the right decision. That means that I should find the decision makers of predefined websites, and do not need to search the Web for potential buyers generally.
Life in Brazil is exciting because it is so different. The people, the weather, and so much more! One can have a completely wrong impression when listening to the media. You can live a great life here.
Newly added translation: unausgesprochen    trüb    tausend    streuen    stabil    sogar    sich beziehen auf    schäumen    schneien    schieben