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Translation of Unterausschuss

der Unterausschuss the subcommittee    

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Sample sentences:
Wir schlugen es im Unterausschuss vor, wo es weiter diskutiert werden wird.

We suggested it to the subcommittee, where it will be discussed further.

I wanted to tell you that we have uploaded a successful version (with Peter). In Annex I send the profile. It is very similar to the last version, just a few words less in each lesson.
I met the company last autumn, because the site's traffic is getting pretty big and they invited me to a workshop. They have convinced me that I have to put their logo at the top of the page to maximize exposure and this was a big mistake.
If you do write lyrics in German, I will correct them and if you have any questions in German, I will answer them as well. What do you think about that? I wish you a beautiful day.
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