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Translation of unverwüstlich

unverwüstlich indestructible    

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It would be an advantage if you could send it via DHL, UPS or another Currier, because the parcel was lost once when we sent it with regular mail. Please send me a reference number after you send it.
The easiest way of writing sentences in Spanish and English is to communicate with other people by email or by chat. I found the different time forms quite in Spanish very confusing at the beginning and it was the most difficult part.
But we learned only the general rules such as personal pronouns and articles, accents, some verbs and general vocabulary. I also love the sea and the sun, and the beautiful mountains too.
Newly added translation: unmodern    undankbar    umgekehrt    topologisch    symbolisieren    stempeln    spaßig    sickern    seine    schutzlos