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Translation of unwiderstehlich

unwiderstehlich irresistible    

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Sample sentences:
Er konnte ohne Süßigkeiten leben, aber Cheeseburger fand er unwiderstehlich.

He could stay off sweets, but cheeseburgers were irresistible to him.
unwiderstehlich irresistable; compelling
unwiderstehlich compelling

This is almost six hours, a long time for someone who has children and a day job. I recommend that we write eachother shorter emails and in both languages. Spanish and English next to eachother.
The bus was supposed to leave at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, so that I still had two to three hours to organize. I went for lunch at some strange place and hardly ate as it was too ugly.
As soon as I went to bed, incredibly loud music starting playing from right beneath my room. The music was so loud that I could not fall asleep despite my jet lag and despite being extremely tired.
Newly added translation: unrechtmäßig    unentschlossen    umorganisieren    trampen    säuerlich    still    spicken    siebzehn    selbstsicher    schwebend