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Translation of usurpieren

usurpieren to usurp    

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Dear Arnold, please send me David's contact details. I will arrange a meeting and present him the machine, so that he will know how to operate it properly. Thanks again and all the best.
We had time to walk around the waterfall but refrained from entering the little lake at the bottom. My fellow tourtakers were quiet nice and we spend a while just sitting in the grass near the water.
Eating in that Sushi place was fan as everybody was greeted loudly whenever entering the restaurant. The quality of the Sushi was not the best, it was a fast food place, but we really enjoyed it.
Newly added translation: unterdessen    ungarisch    unabkömmlich    trist    tanzen    stranden    spuken    skrupellos    sesshaft    schwächlich   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of usurp   [ usurped, usurped ]