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verbringen to spend    

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Sample sentences:
Schätzungen zufolge hatten die Soldaten 50 Tage mit Plündern verbracht.

According to estimates the soldiers had spent 50 days plundering.
Die verwitwete Lehrerin liebte es, Zeit mit ihren Schülern zu verbringen. The widowed teacher cherished the time she could spend with her students.
Martin verbrachte seine Zeit damit, die Physiologie von Fasanen zu studieren. Martin spent his time studying the physiology of pheasants.
verbringen ausgeben to spend,spent,spent
verbringen (Zeit) to spend, spent, spent
ausgehen, verbringen spend spent spent
ausgeben,verbringen spend/spent/spent
ausgeben verbringen spend spent spent
verbringen (Zeit) spend(Time)
Zeit verbringen to pass time
ausgeben, verbringen spend
Verbringen to spend (time)

Hi Christin, how are you? I am on vacation right now, but you can call me if there are any problems. I am planning to meet my students in the end of next week. I will deliver the message anyway.
We had time to walk around the waterfall but refrained from entering the little lake at the bottom. My fellow tourtakers were quiet nice and we spend a while just sitting in the grass near the water.
We walked by waterfalls and rivers, but the water was too cold to swimm in. The hike made us tired and we were in the valley, which meant that we had to climb up again. The climb was difficult.
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verbringe  verbringst  verbringt  verbringen  verbringt  verbringen  verbrachte  verbrachtest  verbrachte  verbrachten  verbrachtet  verbrachten     
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