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Translation of Verdauung

die Verdauung the digestion    

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Sample sentences:
Um bei der Verdauung fettiger Speisen zu helfen, fügen Sie etwas Kümmel hinzu.

To help digest fatty foods, add some caraway seeds.
Salatblatt ist sehr gut für Deine Verdauung vor Allem wenn es vor der Hauptspeise konsumiert wird. Lettuce is very good for your digestion especially when consumed before the main course.
(die) Verdauung digestion
Verdauung digestion

I did not want to give them any money so they became more aggresive and began holding my hand and said 'please, please' all the time. Finally I decided to give them some money but could not find the wallet.
It is an abandoned place in the middle of Spain, in the middle of nowhere. The station is located near a junction where the ways of the trains split. Both are split as well, in their minds.
My wife and her started a nice conversation and the village girl did not believe that my wife was older than thirty years old. My wife considered herself as old, but the little girl explained her that she wasn't.
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