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Translation of verdoppeln

verdoppeln to double    

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Sample sentences:
Wir installierten einen neuen Hochofen und verdoppelten unsere Gewinne.

We installed a new furnace and doubled our profits.
(sich ) verdoppeln double
sich verdoppeln to double
(sich) verdoppeln double
verdoppeln to duplicate

Today the spring really showed itself. It was over eighteen degrees and people started wearing nice and with T-shirts. Snow has melted and the temperature is steady. I can't wait for the summer.
The advantage of this change is that: 1. it improves the response time after every asked word by double. 2. Some do not want to save their lessons, they just want to test it without results being collected...
Is there a way that I could test your Spanish and German lessons? Quality is very important to me. Can you send me a lesson electronically (by email or word)? Maybe you have your lesson ready.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of verdoppeln
verdopple  verdoppelst  verdoppelt  verdoppeln  verdoppelt  verdoppeln  verdoppelte  verdoppeltest  verdoppelte  verdoppelten  verdoppeltet  verdoppelten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of double   [ doubled, doubled ]